The Wolf Writes a Sonnet

Content Warning: Sexual Assault

I hold a lycan hunger, deep in the belly, for flowers
Specifically ruby red perennials crushed in my maw
Who could compare her sweetness and persuasive powers
Especially when experienced within the dark wood so raw

She is small as a leaf I crush underfoot for fun in a bed of roses
Her red cap demands removal and scarlet cape commands me to tug
My beloved to and fro, and I behold her wet scent with my nose
Damp with the dew of darkness, I feast upon the cake she lugged

But she is as scalding as a tub of boiling water, and the burn
Only makes me run in my quadrupedal form, lithe as a jaguar
In pursuit of a rib-eye steak, frothing at the mouth, yearning
For a taste of her homemade cherry pie and gourmet candy bar

Alas, her wretched mother taught her the rules of the road
Girl wouldn't sell me a drop of honey, not if I begged or moaned

About the Author

Rachel Alarcio's work has appeared in two award-winning WriteGirl anthologies, Exposition Review, Red Ogre Review, at LAX's Terminal 7-8, and elsewhere. They are a Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Medalist. She is currently working towards her B.A. in English from Kalamazoo College. Find them @rachelalarcio on Twitter, @raechillout on Instagram, and at