Unhinged Amazon Nightmare Broad

Nights spent eyes on my phone
Comfort from the yellow glow
Finger glides across the screen
The swipes have no meaning
Left, right, then left again
Vibrations pulse
New message
Already knowing what it says
Using all the same lines
Heard a thousand times
Watch him craft my personality
Right from his dreams
One he assigns to me
Deciding who I am
Before we even meet
I am molded for the role

He'll be filled with disappointment
It's okay
I expect it
Thinking I could be his
Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Witty, funny, gamer babe
At least I heard that's what they say
And just like that he can't believe
A girl like me exists

We actually decide to meet
Another basement date for me
The scent of smoke fills the air
The rattling of the game controls
“Finish Him” the announcer calls
Claiming that he let me win
Just to prove how nice he is

Now he says he's falling for me
I just met him, how could that be?
Proclaiming that I just get him
I can see into his soul
The truth is that I don't get it
It's just simple pattern recognition
You see I have met this guy
A million times before

Delete my profile when I get home
App uninstalled
That's how it goes
Assumptions made way too soon
Before you even got to know
That don't care for fighting games
And the smoke? It makes me sick
You never asked me anything
Imaginary persona thrust upon me
I'm not here to save you
Cure everything that you have been through
Your little gamer nerd girl
Unhinged Amazon Nightmare Broad
Is the term I would prefer

About the Author

MJ Garcia (she / her) shares her personal experiences while shedding light on a neurodivergent woman's perspective. When not reading, writing, or working on her education, she spends time with her family (furry and four-legged and the human ones alike) and friends. Find her on Instagram and Twitter @mmaaeeggss.