There is a beast within I try to keep
caged. The inner gorilla let loose
destroys the joint. He has his minions,
his enablers: alcohol, frustration, rage;
an impulsive nature that considers not
the consequences of misbehaviour,
let loose on loved ones, family, colleagues
with chest-thumping anger and contempt.
He has no friends, companions to delight
in his company, just one glimpse and others
turn away, walk off into the night.
My father had one too. The scary memories
of childhood when the beast was released remain
and so I stand determined to keep him caged.

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About the Author

Rohan Buettel lives in Canberra. Rohan's haiku appear in various Australian and international journals including Frogpond, Cattails and The Heron's Nest. His longer poetry appears in Rappahannock Review, Penumbra Literary and Art Journal, Mortal Magazine, Red Ogre Review, Reed Magazine, Meniscus and Quadrant.