Read The Guidelines!

Please read the guidelines. Submissions that look like they haven't read or followed the guidelines are likely to receive a rejection letter fairly quickly.

Submission Themes

Themes may vary with each call for submissions. In general, ask yourself:

Does my piece involve monsters in some way?

If the answer is YES, you're on the right track!

Reading Period

We accept submissions year-round. Simultaneous submissions are fine.


Up to ten poems or short prose poems, or up to 2,500 words of prose in total, regardless of the format.

We also accept visual art submissions.


Please format writing submissions as Microsoft Word .docx files. Poetry, single-spaced. Prose, 1.5-line spaced.

Please format visual art submissions as .jpg or .png files, preferably high resolution and at least 1,000px wide.

Author Bio

Include a short author biography with your submission, around three to five sentences, with anything you'd like to highlight about your background, your submission, your writing influences, and similar things.

Pen Names

We do not allow the use of pen names without a substantial reason.


There is no fee for submission. We currently do not provide payment for successful submissions.


In the simplest possible terms, we ask for the right to use submissions on this site and in any derivative material (social media posts, printed magazines, etc.) that we may produce. Otherwise, your work is your work and you retain your rights to it unchanged. Please refer to our Terms of Use page for full details.

Do Not Send Us These Things

It goes without saying, but submissions that display unpleasant political, religious, ideological, identity-based (or any other) biases are unlikely to be considered. We're not fans of gratuitous violence, lewdity, profanity, etc., either.

Editorial Process

Submissions go through several rounds of editorial review and are selected by group voting and consensus.

In general, we do not make or request any significant edits to submissions. Submissions need to be in their final version.

We will fix obvious typos, autocorrect errors, etc., and make minor formatting changes for consistency with our publication style guide.

We usually post one to three pieces per author. Accepted authors are asked to wait at least three months before submitting again.

Where to Submit

Please use either of our submission accounts, whichever you prefer:


Submit to Primeval Monster!


Submit to Primeval Monster!

You can also always email your submission to us at, although we'd prefer you use a submission platform.

We will respond as quickly as we can, although depending on the volume of submissions, it may take us several weeks to several months. If you haven't heard back in a few weeks, it means that your submission is still under consideration.